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  Renting Bosch simultaneous interpreting equipment is an efficient solution for multilingual events, conferences, or meetings requiring real-time interpretation. Bosch, a renowned provider of audio-visual solutions, offers a range of equipment tailored to meet various interpretation needs. The rental process typically involves selecting the appropriate equipment based on the event's size, language requirements, and technical specifications. Bosch offers components like interpreter consoles, delegate units, infrared transmission systems, and headsets, ensuring seamless communication between speakers and listeners in multiple languages. Interpreter consoles act as control centers for interpreters, allowing them to listen to the speaker and convey interpretations to listeners through delegate units and headsets. Delegate units enable participants to listen to interpretations through headphones while contributing to discussions via microphones. The infrared transmission system ensure

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  Global Multilingual Pvt Ltd is a distinguished provider of simultaneous interpretation services, offering seamless multilingual communication solutions for various settings and events. Their expertise lies in facilitating real-time interpretation that transcends language barriers, ensuring smooth and effective communication among diverse audiences. Their team comprises skilled interpreters proficient in delivering simultaneous interpretation in conferences, seminars, business summits, and other events of significance. Employing state-of-the-art equipment and advanced techniques, they enable instant language translation, preserving the speaker's message with precision and clarity across multiple languages. Global Multilingual Pvt Ltd tailors their simultaneous interpretation services to suit the specific needs and complexities of each event. Whether it's a large-scale international conference or a corporate meeting, they ensure that multilingual communication flows effortlessl

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  Global Multilingual Pvt Ltd specializes in offering top-notch language translation and interpreting services. With a focus on precision, cultural understanding, and linguistic expertise, they cater to a diverse range of clients, ensuring effective communication across borders and languages. Their translation services encompass a wide spectrum, including document translation, website localization, legal paperwork, technical manuals, marketing materials, and more. Whether it's conveying intricate technical details or preserving the essence of creative content, their team of language experts ensures accurate and contextually relevant translations. In addition to translation, their interpreting services cover various settings like conferences, business meetings, legal proceedings, and healthcare appointments. They provide seamless verbal communication through skilled interpreters proficient in multiple languages and various modes of interpretation, including simultaneous and consecut

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  Wireless tour guide system  is the ideal solution for simultaneous interpretation, group tour system is composed of a microphone connected to a pocket-sized radio transmitter for the guide and small radio receivers for the tour group, guests may listen using a comfortable, on-ear earpiece or even use their own headphones Applications of Tour Guide System: - Museum and other tours in other noisy environments - Guided tours of historical sites - both indoors and outdoors - Simultaneous translation for multilingual meetings - Radio aid system to assist hearing impaired people - Audio description system to assist visually impaired people

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  Job Description and Requisites 1) Api gateway servers working knowledge like IBM APIC, APIGEE, Boomi, WS02, with public/private/partner and composite api development using web applications, mobile and desktop applications. 2) Understanding of different API types like  gRPC , web services ,  common understanding with application servers, client/server technologies, Databases used in api development. 3)Understanding of Rest API's and soap based services is a MUST.   4) Knowledge with various protocols like tcp/Ip, https and payload data formats like json and xml is also a must. 5) Api testing tools experience  postman , boomi is a must. Automation is good to have. Other Good to Have: Hands on experience in API servers like kong and its uses in microservices and SOA environments will be valuable. PI back End Developers in  NODEJS IBM APC knowledge is plus  2. Minimum 5 years experience 3. Work location : Saudi 4. Period : 1 year contract 5. Full time employment  6. Salary Range 2 La

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  PFB the job description . Consider this JD JOB DESCRIPTION FOR POLISH LANGUAGE:     Education Qualification: Graduate – 10+2+3 Certification required – Minimum B2 Level in German Language   Work Experience: 2-3 years or 3-4 years   Skills: Excellent verbal and written communication skills Added advantage if they have any technical skills Fluency in speaking and writing in Polish and English Languages   Expectations: Should be willing to work in client office hours (CET) Should have ITIL knowledge and certificate   Send CV desk Process Description: Single Point of Contact for end users Requires handling calls, chat and E-Mails in the respective language Translate E-Mails and Chats to create a ticket or to other non-English speaking Teams Translate process related documents or templates Log tickets using Ticketing Tool Work and resolve tickets for first level support issues or requests Should be willing to work on Desktop support issues/ requests (Technical)

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Established in the year 2014, Global Multilingual Pvt. Ltd. in New Delhi India is a leading company in the Simultaneous interpreting, Hire Bosch IR interpretation system, RF simultaneous Interpretation system, wireless tour guide system, Interpretation equipment rental and Simultaneous translation, Translating and Interpreting services. It is an ISO 9001:2015 certified language translation services Agency and India’s No.1 Certified Best Translation Agency for Conference Interpretation. The company provides high-class professional interpreters for the following types of interpretations: simultaneous interpretation, consecutive interpretation, conference interpretation, certified conference interpretation, Real time translation, online simultaneous interpretation and simultaneous translation, virtual simultaneous interpreting. The company provides interpreters in the following languages: French simultaneous interpreter, Russian simultaneous interpreter, Hindi simultaneous interpre