Outsourcing Translation services to India

Global Multilingual provides the key to different languages and different countries. Trade and business have far reaching tentacles that require interaction between many countries and individuals, which also means many languages. That is where Global Multilingual steps in to offer a supporting hand through language services. They are:

·         Multilingual Tele Calling
·         Multilingual Accounts and Finance support
·         Multilingual Data Entry
·         Outsourcing of Translation, Transcription, Voice over, Subtitling Services
·         Multilingual Process Outsourcing
·         Multilingual Staffing Services
·         Call Centre Outsourcing
·         E-mail and Chat Support in Foreign Language
·         Outsourcing Multilingual Digital Marketing

·         Foreign language testing / Language Assessment test/ language audits  for corporate 

http://gmlingual.com/  , +91-9711555003  , New Delhi  info@gmlingual.com


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